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Attend a Trade Show and become one of the Exhibitors from all over the world.

Attend a Trade Show and become one of the Exhibitors from all over the world

Whether you are in the Miami trade show district or even a retailer in the general merchandise, there are many reasons why you should attend a trade show. The cost may be an issue for you if you have to travel and pay for registration, but even with the higher cost, attending a trade show is incredibly rewarding and beneficial. The knowledge, experience, brand exposure and networking will make it worth.

Generate Sales Leads

This is one of the biggest benefits for attending a trade show, you can generate sales leads for new and potential customers. You can collect their business cards and let them know about new products you have.


Trade shows are a great experience, from networking to generating new ideas for your business. At the trade show, you can build new relationships with vendors and buyers from all over the world.

Create New Ideas

When you are looking for new ways to market your business, a trade show is the perfect place to go. It allows you to learn and stimulate new ideas for you that may work to help you support your business efforts.

Upcoming trade show in Miami Exhibitors list:



Address:  35 Love Lane, Netcong, New Jersey 07857  Contact Name: Ernie Peia Contact Email: Website:

Merchandise USA

Address: 3021 W. 36th Street, Chicago, IL 60632 Phone #: (888) 757-0060 Contact Name: Jay Lazar Contact Email: Website: Company Product Description: Discontinued and closeout  products geared to the discount market.  Categories include home décor, glassware, lighting, hardware, apparel, toys, crafts, sporting goods and much more

Compass Industries

Address: 10195 Northeast Ave. Philadelphia PA 19116 Phone #: 215-934-5803 Fax #: 215-934-5806 Contact Name: Lou Pompili & Jeff Elliot Contact Email:, Website:, Company Product Description: School & Office Supply The biggest selection of name brand closeouts of school & office supplies. Also a full line of educational coloring & story books. We have another division that specializes in hunting & camping items (Pocket Knives, Binoculors, Kitchen Knives & more). We are a 100% Named Brand.

The Bazaar Inc.

Address: 1900 N 5TH Avenue River Grove, IL 60171-1906 Phone #: 800-736-1888 or 708-583-1800 FAX #: 708-583-0229 Contact Name: Mark Truger Contact Email: Company Website: Company Description: The Bazaar Inc is a family run business that offers closeout opportunities in vast categories to companies around the world so you the independent store owner can compete with the big box stores. Some of the categories that The Bazaar Inc carry are As-Seen on T.V, pet care, Health & Beauty, consumables and stationery. Our Mission is to help improve your bottom line while offering name brand opportunities to your customer at competitive pricing.

Cosmetics, Health & Beauty Products

North & South Wholesalers LLC

Address: 20600 NW 47th Ave, Miami, FL 33055 Phone #: 305-638-4550 Fax #: 305-638-3293 Contact Name: Leo Milewicz Contact Email: Website: Company Product Description: Cleaning Products, Health & Beauty, Food, Low priced Brand Name products.

Opportunity Buying, Inc.

Address: 3301 Merritt Avenue, Bronx, NY 10475 Phone #: 718-325-6272 Fax #: 718-325-6552 Contact Name: Eveline Gottesman Contact Email: Website:

General Merchandise

Al-Dan Trading Inc.

Address: 20600 NW 47th Ave, Miami, FL 33055 Phone #: 305-624-6623 Fax #: 305-624-7333 Contact Name: Leo Milewicz Contact Email: Website: Company Product Description: Value priced general merchandise

XS Merchandise Inc

Address:  7000 Granger Rd, Independence, OH 44131 Phone: 216-524-5620 | Fax: 216-524-5077 Contact Name: Todd Stern Email: Website:

Home Furniture & Bedding

Better Home Plastics Corp.

Address: 439 Commercial Avenue, Palisades Park, NJ 0760 Phone #: (787)949-1363, (201)592-0370  Fax #: (787)782-8267 Contact Name: Marta Chidid Contact Website: Company Product Description:House ware, Bathroom and Kitchen accessories, Curtains, Window Panels, Tablecloth, Mattress Covers, Furniture throws.

Victoria Classics.

Address: 5901 West Side Avenue 6th flr, North Bergen, NJ 07047 Phone #: 212-213-1828 ext.218 Fax #: 732-875-0311 Contact Name: Elias Al-Khoury Contact Email: Website: Company Product Description: Home Furnishing & Bedding.


Euro-Ware Inc. / Dura-Kleen (USA) Inc.

Address: 458 East 101st Stree Brooklyn, NY 11236 Phone #: 718-272-4582 Fax #: 718-272-4594 Contact Name: Solomon Elyakim Contact Email: Website: Company Product Description: Cookware, Bakeware, Glassware, Flatware, Kitchen Organisation, Bath, Storage, Health & Beauty, Closeouts & General Merchandise.

Party Supply

King Zak Ind.

Address: 3 Police Drive, Goshen, NY 10924 Phone #: 845-291-1200 Fax #: 845-291-7338 Contact Name: Zev Kenig Contact Email: Website: Company Product Description: For over 27 years King Zak has been supplying the retail market with quality products in the party, catering & industrial arenas. As a pioneering company supplying aluminium pans to the retail market, we have been able to further expand & establish ourselves as leaders in supplying innovative, party & everyday disposable products to an ever growing use-and-toss generation.


CJ Global Inc.

Address: 20-21 Wangaraw Rd BLDG 30A Phone #: 646-415-9056 Fax #: 201-509-8181 Contact Name: Benny Contact Email: Company Website: Company Product Description: Brand Name Closeouts – Kitchen Appliances – Electronics Accessories – Phones.

Clothing & Accessories

Jamar Wholesale, Inc.

Address: 43 West 33rd Street, New York, 10001 Suite #601 Phone #: 718-851-3595 Fax #: 718-483-5771 Contact Name: Rafi Lazerowitz, Aharon Lazerowitz Contact Email: Website: Company Product Description: Socks, Towels, Bedding, Accessories, Leather Belts & Brand Name Closeouts.

Royal Deluxe

Company Name : Royal Deluxe Accessories Address : 390 5th Avenue, Suite 505 Phone # : 908.523.0550 Fax # : 908.523.0556 Contact name : Hal Sitt Contact email : Company website : Company product description: Costume jewelry, ladies & girls accessories, baby products, emoji products and seasonal footwear.

Gomez Ossa International Liquidators

Address: 8300 NW 14TH ST, Doral , FL 33126 Phone: 786-522-6666 Contact name: Irene Gomez Contact email: Company website : Company product description: Clothing, shoes, accessories and general merchandise.

Greeting Cards & Stationery

Papercraft USA

Address: 5555 Glenridge Connector, Suite 300, Atlanta, GA 30342 Phone #: 877-236-1945 Contact Name: Nik Fineman Contact Email: Website: Company Product Description: Greeting cards, Stationary, Gift-Warp, Gift Bag, Greeting Accessories.


Conklin Fashions

Address: 9-11 Johnson Street, Bainbridge, New York 13733 Phone #: +1 800-437-1161 Contact Email: Website: Company Product Description: Jeweleries Wholesale Vendor.


J. Sugarman

Address: 1914 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33020, FL 33313 Phone #:(954)946-9951 / (954)464-3434 Contact Name: Scott Grasso Contact Company Product Description:Specializes in conducting auctions and liquidations of every type of inventory imaginable.

Activity & Toy Products

Anker Play Products

Address: 420 Lincoln Rd. Suite 340, Miami Beach, Florida 33139 Phone #: 305-397-8185 Contact Name: Tag Bowman Contact Email: Website: Company Product Description:Children Book & Toys

AJI Toys

Address:  7282 NW 33rd St, Miami Fl, 33122 Phone #: 305-930-0405 Contact Name: Axel Gonzalez Contact Email: Website: Company Product Description: Toy importer wholesaler & distributor

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