You can compete on price and service, but the core of your retail business is what you’re selling. Your customers come to you to buy what they can’t find anywhere else.  Miami International Mart is here to help you find the latest and greatest products to put on your shelves or eCommerce page and connect with customers who will buy what you’re producing. We’re the best place to be if you’re in B2B.

Miami International Mart holds trade shows in Miami and south Florida four times a year to connect suppliers, wholesalers and retail businesses.  Our next trade show is August 18-20th. This trade show is perfect for buyers, sellers and marketers no matter what industry you’re in.

Miami International Mart welcomes buyers and exhibitors at our events. Come to connect with your suppliers. Learn about what the competition is selling while generating sales leads yourself. Network with others in your industry and learn about the hottest new products on the market. Cultivate new suppliers, whether you need to find cheaper sources of your current offerings or want fall back solutions if your current supplier’s customer service falls short. Find out how your industry and customer market is changing so that you don’t fall behind. You’ll come away knowing how you may need to adapt to remain competitive in the marketplace. Take the time to meet businesses that specialize in closeouts and discontinued items so that you can move the stuff sitting in the back of the warehouse and free up cash you can invest in more productive inventory.

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