Miami International Mart is holding another trade show in 2018, on October 7th-9th in Miami. This event will bring consumers the best in general merchandise like home goods, health and beauty, electronics, toys, wholesale items, dollar store items, and product closeouts. Buyers will have an overabundance of variety and exclusive opportunities on goods at this upcoming trade show. Come out and help support an already thriving Trade Show in your local area while opening yourself up to new opportunities in merchandise.

Buyers develop a great networking opportunity and can expand their goods by building contacts. When you join the Miami International Mart Trade Show as a buyer you can expect the opportunity to interact directly with sellers in the same location, lower cost per sale because buyers are not approached on a one by one basis, and you will have the opportunity to network with vendors and other buyers alike. Buyers also gain access to contacts from previous Trade Shows and opportunity to interact with sellers in your area, as well as other buyers.

Miami International Mart trade show in October will help buyers and sellers take the hassle out of supply chain management for companies to start expanding there business or build a completely new one. The event will help boost company profits by generating leads, providing networking opportunities, and providing a perfect place to create new ideas to support your business efforts. At our October Trade Show coming up in Miami, buyers will benefit in the opportunity of generating their sales and building new clientele and networking with other buyers for expansion and the chance to build onto their company. The other benefit of joining us in October at the Miami Trade Show is having the opportunity to build relationships with vendors and buyers from all over the world. Overall the knowledge, experience, and exposure are well worth it.

Miami International Mart is your premium general merchandise trade show in Miami. So contact us today, see our list of upcoming Trade Shows in Miami, and register as a buyer or exhibitor by filling out one of our short forms online.

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