When you come to our trade shows in 2019, you’ll know that we don’t target any industries to invite to participate as exhibitors. Thousands of different industries have come to exhibit their goods and to spread knowledge, experience, and brand exposure for you to take advantage of a source of networking.

A few examples of some industries this year that will be exhibitors for 2019:

CSS Inc. USA – CSS Inc. USA focus on buying and selling new, closeout, overstock, liquidation, shelf pull, and discontinued inventory. They offer thousands of items at our Miami Trade Show with new merchandise arriving daily in such a dynamic market. They supply merch that ranges from electronics, appliances, home goods, automotive and toys.

Merchandise USA –  Merchandise USA specializes in discontinued and closeout products that are geared to be liquidated in the discount market. Some of their wares include home décor, glassware, lighting, hardware, electronics, toys and other entertainment goods, sporting goods, arts and crafts, and much more!

Compass Industries INC. – Compass Industries INC. provides some of the biggest selection of name brand closeouts in school and office supplies. They carry a full line of educational coloring and storybooks, with divisions that involve outdoors also with hunting and camping items, e.g., pocket knives, binoculars, kitchen knives, tents, and so much more.

The Bazaar, Inc. – The Bazaar, Inc. carries Pet Care, health and beauty products, consumables, stationery, and so many other name brand products from closeouts. They excel in providing to improve their client’s bottom line and offering name brand products at an extremely competitive pricing.

North & South Wholesalers, LLC – North & South Wholesalers, LLC are a health and beauty supply company that also provide products that include,  but not limited to Cleaning Products, Health Care products, Consumables, and low priced brand name products.


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